Job leading + Accommodation


As part of our services LAS guarantees to find you the best accommodation to suit your needs and preferences. Working in London for many years has enabled us to build a reliable network of contacts so that we can offer the best accommodation options in zones 1, 2 and 3 at very attractive prices. Remember, you have guaranteed accommodation from the date of your arrival.


This is the ideal option if you plan to stay for 2 months or more, we usually recommend shared housing for groups of friends, couples or those who have a  more independent personality.

In the shared houses you can make use of the TV, fridge, fully equipped kitchen and bathroom, prices vary according to the time of year and availability but usually are as follows:

Basic Room
Single 130-160 GBP/week
Double 95-130 GBP/week
* Prices per person and week


The Student Halls have students from all over the world between the ages of 18-30 years, which provides a great opportunity to practise your English and make new friends.

These Halls are fully equipped with TV room, laundry room, bathrooms, canteen and vending machines.

Prices can vary according to the time of the year and availability but are usually as follows:

Single 242 GBP/week
Double 148 GBP/week
Multiple 109-123 GBP/week
Triple Lux 162 GBP/week
* Prices per person and week



Please note that all forms of accommodation require a deposit that can vary from 1-4 weeks rent. You have to pay the deposit in advance and will get your deposit back at the end of your stay provided you abide by the terms of your respective contract. This is a normal procedure in London.