Job leading + Accommodation


LAS offers you a professional recruitment advisory service, preparing you for job interviews. We place lot of people a year in London thanks to our excellent job leading, which includes:
- English test level
- Assistance with job interviews
- CV translation
And the most important thing: SIX MONTHS LONG OF ONGOING SUPPORT

Please note, that this is an additional service provided by us for which we make no charge.

Guaranteed job in 15 working days:
Accommodation + Work Programme guarantees the employment in 15 business days. Statistically, the average for employment is 1 to 2 weeks for a candidate who takes a thorough search. Any candidate who perform a proper search and not get a job ,will be offered a position at a hotel chain as a porter or housekeeping ... To claim this warranty, it is MANDATORY demonstrate a total involvement during the job search also respecting standards of our office search: match the type of customer profile, request one interview a day, attend all interviews, have our office informed and certainly not reject a job offer. LAS will endeavour to provide you with as many interviews as necessary in order for you to find a job. By having our offices in London, we work directly with hundreds of employers therefore increasing your chances of finding a job more quickly.

Types of jobs
Although there are plenty of jobs in London you have to take into account that a lot depends on the demands of the market which can vary according to different months of the year and also on your own experience and level of English.

Below is an example of how much you can expect to earn in a week in some of the most popular jobs.

Room Attendant
182-205 £ 
This position requires a medium/high level of English
162-195 £  

This position requires a basic level of English, you usually have afternoons free.

Luggage Porter 
195-220 £

This position requires a medium/high level of English (you can get good tips).

200-260 £ 

This position requires experience, good presentation, high level of English and other languages are preferred.

165-220 £
Medium/high level of English and some experience. This is the most popular job in terms of demand and availability (possibility of good tips).
195-250 £
High level of English, usually part-time positions.
Sales Assistant
170-260 £

High level of English, good presentation and experience. More demand in the months before the sales and Christmas.

Fast Food
170-210 £
Medium level of English, this job offers flexible hours.
Pizza Chef
225-275 £
Medium level of English and some experience

Washing-Up/Kitchen Porter
135-195 £

Low level of English, hard work and long hoursLow level of English, hard work and long hours.

LAS works with over 2000 establishments in the hospitality sector and services such as:
  1. Nando's
  2. Garfunkels
  3. Aberdeen Steak House
  4. Belgo Central
  5. Benihana
  6. Blueprint Café
  7. Chamberlains
  8. The Gallery at Fortuna&Mason
  9. Galvin at Windows
  10. Maggie Jones
  11. Dukes Hotel
  12. Melia White House
  13. Ruskin Hotel
  14. Tamesa at Oxo
  15. The Belgravia Hotel
  16. The Gallery Hotel
  17. Westpoint Hotel
  18. Windermere Hotel
  19. Etc , etc


In our offices you will receive all the information and support necessary on “How to Attend a Job Interview”. It is important to note that it takes on average 7 to 10 working days for a candidate to actually start working, however this depends on the individual and the season. Finding work in the summer months (between June 15th and August 15th) can take longer.