Job leading + Accommodation


By choosing this programme, we will book an accommodation option of your choice. LAS guarantees the accommodation for you from the first day of your arrival in london, giving you peace of mind so that you don't have to waste time and money.

LAS is also committed to offer you a professional job leading service, giving you all the training and support necessary so you can perform well and succeed in a job interview. In  addition, and without any cost to you, we will introduce you to different employers by sending you to as many job interviews as you need, thus helping you find work quickly.

You will be assessed by one of our experienced members of staff in order to build your personal profile in which we detail your work experience, preference of jobs and level of English. Once that is done you can start attending job interviews more confidently. We will endeavour to find you as many job interviews as required in order for you find work.

Your membership with LAS entitles you to an ongoing service of support in all you need in London.